American Cane Self Defense Tactical Self Defense Monthly Open House

Self Defense Starts With You

The world is a dangerous place and getting more dangerous by the day and there’s no way and never has been a way for the authorities to adequately protect you or your family. At best a policeman might be in the vicinity but mostly the police department can react to something that has already happened.

Because of this responsibility for defending yourself is yours and yours alone.  You can’t rely on anyone else to do it for you, or other members of your family.

American Cane Self Defense is all about providing practical, tactical self defense skills that can you can use to make sure you survive any threatening situation and with that in mind we are happy to announce the start of a monthly open house that will take place on the 1st Saturday of every month.

Self Defense for the Whole Family

The American Cane Self Defense open  house is for the whole family. Not just dad, or not just mom and this isn’t just a cane tactical self defense class. Here’s what we’ll go over and demonstrate.

  • Concealed Weapons Permit
  • Women’s Self Defense
  • Kid’s Home Firearm Safety & Dealing with Bullies
  • Drone & Crimpt Tool Demos
  • Cane Self Defense Demos
  • Defensive Shooting Demos
  • Personal Protection in the Home
This is a great class that is for any one, or any family that wants to take responsibility for their own safety in what we all agree is a dangerous world.
No reservations are required (at this point) so just come on down.
Class starts at 10:00 AM and goes until 2:00 PM.  Feel free to call the office if you have any questions at 786-346-9150 or just send email using the contact form.




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