Cane Fu? The CDK U.S.A. Perspective


The Cane-Fu phenomenom continues to grow in popularity. Every week, people from all over contact  us looking to get certified as Cane-Fu Instructors. They’re eager to tap the market and want to be as prepared as possible.  We’re here to support them and ensure they know exactly how to run a professional program.

The age range  of most Cane-Fu participants is late 60’s-80’s years of age.   This is where most Cane-Fu insturctors focus their attention.

The Cane-Do Kai however, encourages instructors to educate the public on the value of taking up American Cane Self Defense at an earlier age. There is a definite advantage to starting cane training in your 50’s as oppossed to your 60s-80’s. Just look at a Master of any martial art that focuses on a weapon (knife, stick, etc.)  Most of them started in their youth which gives them a big advantage over those who start trainnig as seniors. A 60-70 year old knife, stick or cane Master is a force to be reckon with…for anyone.

Why wait until you’re in need of a cane to start learning how to use one for both exercise and self defense?  If you start cane training at the age of 50, by the time you’re 60 , you’re  a Master of the Cane, empty hand defense, and a Master of yourself.

Don’t wait until you’re in need of a cane, start learning the art now.  Don’t have access to a Certified Instructor? Purchase the CDK USA DVD series and/or become an online dojo member.  We are blessed with technology that allows you to learn from the comfort of your home anywhere you live.


  1. What would you recommend for someone in their late 40’s and early 50’s?
    Are we still cane fu material or what do you think?

  2. Cane-Fu is our program for seniors wanting to learn cane self defense and cane exercise. It revolves around the “Dirty Dozen” applications that are easy to learn and ofcourse, will work for anyone. Younger individual 40s-50s may be more attracted to the ACSD or Cane-Do Kai U.S.A. martial arts program. We generally do not categorize individuals based on age. We’ve found individual interests to be the determining factor when it comes to program placement.

  3. What is the cost for the on line training and how does it work as far as mastering the cane

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