Cane Self Defense Cane, Robaina Heavy


Buy the Robaina Heavy for $65.00 + Shipping

The “Robaina Heavy” is a training cane that is heavier then your everyday cane by design. The heavy cane is the better cane to train with because it will help you build up speed, strength and your quickness. It will make your smashes more effective and you’ll be able to respond to an attack with quick authority.

All wooden canes are 36 inches in length and made from hickory. If you need a variation to this please call the office for a quotation

Buy the Robaina Heavy for $65.00 + $15.00 Shipping for domestic orders and $55.00 for international orders. 

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About American Cane Self Defense

American Cane Self Defense is tactical self defense that includes the use of the cane as well as empty hand translations. While other tools such as knives and chucks are regulated and controlled the cane is a medical device you can take anywhere you go and as a tactical self defense it's practical and effective.


  1. Joseph Cole says:

    I cannot find the special that includes the discounted level one DVD. Please advise how to order it o the site.

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