The New Robaina Raven Self Defense Cane Is Here!


The All Metal, New & Improved  Robaina Raven Self Defense Cane Available Now!

This is the all black aircraft grade aluminum cane redesigned and improved in both functionality and aesthetics!

The Raven comes in at 38 inches (including tip) and 1/2 pound lighter than its’ predecessor for maximum speed without sacrificing impact. The two sets of grips have been strategically placed on the sides for functionality and redesigned with non abrasive carvings for improved maneuverability and handling. The horn features a slightly sharper angled beak for a quicker release response while still maintaining its’ innocuous look.

The new Raven is also powder coated to minimize chipping and scarring.

Overall, the new and improved Robaina Self Defense Cane Raven gives you an attractive all black metal cane that is a formidable impact tool for self defense…without calling attention to itself.

The Robaina Raven Self Defense Cane for When  You’re Serious About Survival (domestic orders)

robaina raven self defense cane instructional videoGet The New and Improved  Robaina Raven Self Defense Cane for $169.99 + $15.00 shipping domestic shipping and $55.00 for international orders. All orders also include immediate access to a free Bonus: “Getting Started with the Raven” video.

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About American Cane Self Defense

American Cane Self Defense is tactical self defense that includes the use of the cane as well as empty hand translations. While other tools such as knives and chucks are regulated and controlled the cane is a medical device you can take anywhere you go and as a tactical self defense it's practical and effective.


  1. Stan Shaft says:

    I am a Danzan Ryu jujitsu practitioner and I have enjoyed adding cane variations to some of the DZR arts. I have been using canes from “Cane Masters” and I am interested in the new “Robaina Raven.” During the video, I noted that the cane did not have a tip. Does the cane come with a rubber tip, or, at least, will a regular rubber tip fit the cane?

    Although the cost is quite a bit higher than the canes I have been using, I am interested in the possibilities the metal cane may provide.

  2. michael padden says:

    would you suggest the raven or the triple gripper octagon and how to I order throught you or do you have an Australian agent

    thanks michael

  3. Stan Shaft says:

    What is the diameter of the Raven, at its base? I want to replace the cane tip and the Raven appears to be too large for conventional tips. Thank you!

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