What Exactly Is Cane Fu


WHAT EXACTLY IS “CANE-FU”? The name “Cane-Fu” was coined by the media with a front page write up in the Wall Street Journal. What they refer to as Cane-Fu, is the art of cane self defense adapted for the elderly. Of all the stories and angles the media could have presented, they felt the most interesting to the public would be to present it as an old folk’s art. While there’s nothing wrong with focusing on cane self defense for seniors, all the recent publicity has led to yet another misconception regarding American Cane Self Defense: That it is essentially self defense for seniors.

When the public hears “Cane-Fu”, they envision granny beating up a thug with a cane. Naturally, they perceive it as geriatric self defense and the younger population automatically disqualifies themselves from participation. As everyone knows by now, I teach American Cane Self Defense to young, old and everyone in between. Due to the recent demand for qualified cane self defense instructors for the senior population I developed the Cane-Fu Instructor Certification Workshop.

On June 6th 2009 I held the first ever “Cane-Fu” certification for instructors. This workshop is for anyone who works with the senior population and wishes to teach this invaluable and exciting art It also for seniors who simply wish to learn life saving self defense skills. Cane-Fu consists of isometric cane exercise, isotonic cane exercise with bands, cane stretches and cane self defense. Seniors love it. They feel empowered .

Interestingly, when the Wall Street Journal and Associated Press interviewed me for their articles, they were perplexed by the fact that I have personal Cane Self Defense students ranging from 10 years of age to 60+. “Why would a 12 and 16 year old be interested in cane self defense?” they asked. For one thing, I don’t present a geriatric art. I present a self defense system that anyone can learn quickly and be effective with, in a matter of hours, not years. Another reason is I teach empty hand translations for all cane applications for times people aren’t carrying their canes.

Martial artists and self defense experts all agree, the empty hand version of the cane self defense applications I teach are simple to learn, and brutally practical for street defense. While you’d imagine younger folks wouldn’t be caught dead with a cane, they no longer view the cane as a crutch or symbol of weakness. Matter of fact, they find my cane skills to be…”cool” if you will. They also understand, they have an infinitely better chance of surviving a street attack with a self defense tool than without one. I created the Cane-Fu program for seniors to address the demand for senior cane self defense.

The Cane-Fu certification program will ensure instructors are qualified to teach these life saving skills to our senior population. While the Cane-Fu program I teach seniors is especially easy to learn and retain, it is just as appropriate, for the general population. To learn how you can become a CERTIFIED CANE-FU INSTRUCTOR or if you just want to learn the most practical street self defense system, visit: www.americancaneselfdefense.com Grand CaneMaster Joe Robaina is an internationally recognized pioneer of American Cane Self Defense. He is the founder of the American Cane Self Defense System and the Cane-Do Kai U.S.A. martial art.

About American Cane Self Defense

American Cane Self Defense is tactical self defense that includes the use of the cane as well as empty hand translations. While other tools such as knives and chucks are regulated and controlled the cane is a medical device you can take anywhere you go and as a tactical self defense it's practical and effective.


  1. I originally inquired about certification in the Cane Fu program so i can teach it to seniors in my area. I was told that a DVD would be coming out covering that material. That was about 18 months ago. Apparently that project hasn’t been completed, so I want to inquire again as to how I can get certified in the Cane Fu program. I have been an Aikido instructor for about 40 years, so I have proven abilities to teach martial arts principles and techniques effectively.



  2. Thanks for your post Tom.
    The material was filmed and completed, however, with a greater demand for the ACSD Instructor course, the Senior Cane Self Defense distance study program was put on the shelf. We’re certifying instructors in-house, they usually make arrangements to visit the hdq. and learn the material directly from GCM Robaina.
    My take is that the home study course will eventually be made available since the videos have been shot, it hasn’t been produced since the demand hasn’t been that great. Unfortunately we do not have a timetable for it although it is one of those things “we need to do”.

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