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Combat Cane Spinning Society Certification Immersion Training!

February 6 @ 9:00 am - February 8 @ 2:00 pm

The CCSS’ First Official Combat Cane Spinning Certifiction Immersion Training in Miami, Fl!


(UPDATE 3 Spots Remaining As of 12/26/19)

– Split Pay Option Opened in October-

– Open To Beginners, Inetrmediate, Advanced, and Master Instructors – 

Regardless of whether you want to be the first to offer Combat Cane Spinning in your community or just want to take your personal skills to the highest levels, THIS is your unique opportunity to do it directly with the Founders and Master Instructors of the movement.

The CCSS is the FIRST and only organization dedicated to promoting the art and science behind Combat Cane Spinning and its’ benefits in the Functional Aging arena.

During this unique 3-Day Immersion Training you will not only take your physical skills sets to the highest levels, you will understand what the scientific evidence says about Combat Cane Spinning skill sets in regards to physical and brain health and more importantly, learn how to communicate and demonstrate it effectively and efficiently to your audience.

Combat Cane Spinning (CCS) is one of the three main components of American Cane Self Defense (ACSD). It consists of solo, combative movements in a non-scripted flow and the same in a two player format referred to as “Cane Play.” The training teaches students simulated combat while applying the ACSD techniques with power, speed, and accuracy in a controlled manner.

CCS is an activity/sport that appeals to Cane Players (Caners) of all ages with physical, mental, and social benefits. It provides a complete workout with an emphais on hand-eye coordination, stamina, balance, agility, and flexibility.  As the name implies, the hallmark of CCS and what differetiates it from all other forms of Cane Spinning, is that every maneuver, footwork, and technique is performed with a self defense purpose.

3-Day Combat Cane Spinning Itinerary 

Day 1 Thursday (9am-1pm)

-Combat Cane Spinning as defined by the Combat Cane Spinning Society.

–  Introduction and Demonstration of Solo, Cane Play and Cane Dueling.

–  The scientific evidence on CCS and how to present and demonstrate it to your Functional Aging Market (fastest growing market).

– Complete APPRENTICE/LEADER Curriculum, Drills for Skills, and How To Teach It

Introduction To Cane Play

Day 2 Friday (9am-12pm)

– The CCS Alphabet: Presentation on the 6 Form System and How To Use It To Create Your Own CCS Compositions.

– The Complete ADVANCED (Instructor) Curriculum, Drills for Skills, and How To Teach It

Day 3 Saturday (9am-12pm)

–  The Complete MASTER (Instructor) Curriculum, Drills for Skills and How To Teach It.

– Dance of the Masters: Participate in Solo, Cane Play, and Cane Dueling Sessions with CCS Master Instructors.

– How To Create The Culture and Organize CCS Meets in Your Communities That Create Life Long Caners.

– Q & A Session

–  CCS Graduation & Lunch: Awarding of CCSS APPRENTICE, ADVANCED, and MASTER Ranks, Bands, Appointments, and Licenses.

( Ranks are awarded by the CCSS Board based on demonstrable skill level of Caners)

– Grad Nite Dinner Outing: Wear Your CCS Event Shirts!

CCSS Pro-Shop will be available througout the event for Cool Merch, Spinner Canes, and all things Caners love.

Registration Includes: 3 Day Immersion Training, Materials, 12 Month All Inclusive Online Access  to Cane Self Defense University, 12 Month Membership in the Combat Cane Spinning Society with Ranks, Certificates, Pin, Decal, and Rank Bands. All templates and presentations you need to start offering CCS in your communty for 12 months.

Event is Discounted for CSDU LIFETIME Members and Current ACSD Licensees.

The Ratio of Instructors to Caners Will Be 6 to 1 for Maximum Personal Attention. That’s why we’re only opening it to 18 Caners.

Make plans to attend NOW.

Call 800-289-8188 for details or Text CANER2020 to 305-745-7839

COMBAT Cane Spinning Is For Everyone! Follow us on our Youtube Channel: American Cane Self Defense



SPECIAL GUEST: GM Mark Shuey In Attendance!

What an opportunity to interact with the two World Leaders of The Cane Culture!


Combat Cane Spinning for Self Defense?


Your Invitation from Joe Robaina


Combat Cane Spinning Master, Keith Melton

Combat Cane Spinning is the Fastest Growing Segment in the Cane Culture!


Limited to 18 Caners from Beginners to Master Level

The ACSD Immersion Expereince is Unforgettable!


February 6 @ 9:00 am
February 8 @ 2:00 pm
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6267 SW 8th Street
Miami, FL 33144 United States
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